Promoting the youth’s character and individuality is the primary goal of an adventure club. In order to address this, our school formed the Adventure Club for classes XI and XII back in 2003.

The following are the many objectives of our school’s adventure:

  1. The objective is to shape the students’ bodies, brains, and personalities so that they may learn from their experiences and adventures and become committed to their nation.
  2. to empower pupils so they can overcome challenges and obstacles.
  3. to educate the students about their civic duty and national responsibility.
  4. to love and compassionately care for persons with special needs. teaching the concept of universality.
  5. motivating students to serve as a helpful resource for the government.
  6. to fulfill the many goals set by the Adventure Club.


Sl/No Date & Year Programs & Engagement
1 6th December 2003
  1. Exploration of the Khuangchera’s cave
  2. Reiek Mountain trekking

The following lecturers accompanied 116 students:

  1. Lalnunhluna, Mizo Lecturer
  2. C Vanhmingliana, Mizo Lecturer
  3. E Lalkhumtira, Mathematics Lecturer
  4. Miss Seni, English Lecturer
2 2003 soil preparation for tree planting, fertilizer application, volunteer tree planting, and plant fencing.
3 2004 cleaning the school field and its surroundings in preparation for the school Diamond Jubilee.
4 13th-16th December 2004 20 students and the following lecturers climbed the Phawngpui Mountain as part of the “Phawngpui Expedition” event:

  1. Lalnunhluna, Mizo Lecturer
  2. Zonthanpuii, English Lecturer
  3. Lalengzuali, English Lecturer

The team also paid a visit to the headstones of C Thuamluaia, a novelist, and the legendary Mizo poet, Lalzova.

5 April 2005 took part in the Assam Rifle Spring Festival in Shillong at the Polo Ground. Two Lecturers Lalnunhluna & Miss Zothanpuii accompanied the 32 students.

Programs & Activities:

  1. Bamboo Dancing
  2. Visited important places: Cherapunji, Shillong Peak, Mawsmai Cave, Elephant Fall,  Thangkarang Park.
6 2005 Visiting Kolasib District, Mizoram.
The following lecturers joined the 67 students from our school and paid visit to important places and monuments in the district.

  1. Lalnunhluna
  2. C Lalhliapa
  3. E Lalkhumtira
  4. Lalengzuali

Places visited:

  1. Petrifying wood (At the outskirts of the Zanlawn Village)
  2. Couple stone (at the outskirts of Bualpui village)
  3. Bairabi Thermal Power
  4. Bairabi Rail Station
7 12-17 December 2005 Our Lecturers Lalnunhluna, Zothanpuii, and Lalengzuali took 18 students to the Champhai District as a part of the “East Expedition” programme. They visited the following ancestral memorials:

  1. Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang (the mountain where Lianchhiari experienced loneliness)
  2. Ṭhasiama Seno neihna (Where Ṭhasiama’s Gayal delivered a baby)
  3. Fiaratui (nature untouched fresh water at the unreachable wild wood)
  4. Lamsial Puk (Lamsial Cave)
  5. Kungawrhi hnuhluhna kua (the brusque cave into which Kungawrhi was hauled)
  6. Far Puk (Far cave)
  7. Lamṭhuam thum (Trivia)
  8. Lurh Tlang  (The Mountain of Lurh)
  9. Lungkei phaw (a stone that looks like tiger’s pelage)
  10. Ṭan Tlang (Tan mountain)
  11. Rihdil (Love Lake)
8 2006 76 pupils from our schools were guided by the professors Sir Lalnunhluna, Miss Zothanpuii, and Miss Rebecca Lalnunsiami to climb The Reiek Mountain and joined in the Anthurium Festival that was held there.
9 2006 14 kids from our school were accompanied by Sir Lalnunhluna and Miss Lalengzuali for the “Mizo Northeast Expedition” programme. They visited the following monuments:

  1. climbed the Mawmrang Mountain
  2. the cave outside the Luanpawn hamlet where Latheri’s lover was murdered.
  3. climbed the Lengteng mountain.

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