It was in 1929 that our Missionaries applied for permission to open a High School in Mizoram, which was flatly rejected by the Assam Government. This was renewed in 1940 with the same result.

The great desire of the Mizo for higher education was at last fulfilled in 1944 when the ‘North Lushai High School’ was established. One version states that the school was formally established in a solemn meeting of its Organising Committee on 16th January 1944. The exact date of opening of the first class (Class-VII) was 23rd or 25th February 1944, at Mission Veng, Aizawl.

It was through the endeavor of the Missionaries, the Superintendent and his Officials and the enlightened Public Leaders that the school was established. Almost all the villages in North Lushai Hills donated and contributed for the School. Rs 11,000/- was collected by the Bawrhsap Office from the ‘V Forces’ (Second World War Veterans). The total collection from all sources, as recored, was Rs 26,000/-. A real big sum in those days.

Members of the Management Committee before its provincialisation were:-

  1. Superintendent, N.Lushai Hills – Shri Mac Donald.
  2. Inpector of Schools, North Lushai Hills – Rev. D.E.Jones.
  3. Headmaster, Mizo High School, Rev.J.M.Lloyd
  4. Buchhawna, Assistant Superintendent, Lushai Hills.
  5. Sainghinga, P.A. to Superintendent, Lushai Hills.
  6. Vandailova, Head Clerk.
  7. Ngûra, Chief of Durtlang.
  8. Lalsailova, Chief of Kelsih.
  9. Lalhmingthanga, Merchant Aijal.
  10. Teacher’s representative.

The school temporarily occupied the Y.L.A. Hall and some rooms attached to the Synod Book Room, Mission Veng, Aijal for its Class Rooms and Office. Necessary furniture was provided by the Welsh Mission. It was completely shifted to Thingpui Huan Tlang in 1948.

The growing number of students and subsequent addition of higher classes compelled the Committee to find a better place for the School. The whole area of Thingpui Huan Tlang (now called Mac Donald Hill) previously occupied by the 1st Assam Rifles was handed over by them to the School through the efforts of the Superintendent Pu Mac Donald probably on payment of Rs 1,700/- in 1946. The three existing buildings were utilized by the school for office, Classrooms and Hostels. Voluntary labour from the nearby villages greatly contributed for its permanent settlement. This shifting was completed in 1948. The present buildings have been occupied since 1957.

On the site of the buildings handed over by the 1st Assam Rifles now stand private buildings and a church and the school is now confined to a small area compared to all the area above the main road from Zarkawt to Chanmari excluding Babu tlang. This was reduced to only 29.28 Bighas in 1971 and to 15.16 Bighas in 1993.

The Hostels (Upper and Down Hostels) which played an important role for students from outside the capital in the fifties and sixties can no longer ber run by the school.

Different Names

Depending on the transformation it had passed through, this had been called in different names.

  1. North Lushai High School – 1944
  2. Mizo High School – 1945 – 1949
  3. Government Mizo High School 1.4.1949 – 1956
  4. Government Higher Secondary School & Multipurpose High School – 1956-1988.
  5. Government Higher Secondary School – 1989

The school was provincilised (taken up by the Government) in 1950. Coping with the New Education Policy of India, the school was upgraded into a Higher Secondary and Multipurpose School, from 1956. In this new set-up, students could choose any of the three streams offered by the School like – Humanities, Commerce, and Home Science. There was no matriculation examination. The course was up to Class-XI at the end of which there was a public examination. In the College, they could join 1st Year B.A. B.A. Course was for three years.

The new policy on Education again transformed the school into a Higher Secondary School, or 10+2. In this new set-up, students will have to spend two more years in the school, i.e. Class-XI & Class-XII which is equal to P.U.C. Course. Different streams are to be made available. At present we have only two vocational courses such as Office Secretary-ship and Electronics/ Now the Government has approved Science course to be opened in the School from the next session.

Head of the School

Rev. D.E.Jons, the then inspector of Schools was engaged as the Acting Head-master during 1944 at its initial stage. From 1.1.1945, Rev J.M.Lloyd of the Welsh Mission as the honorary Headmaster up to 27.10.1949. When the school was provincialized in 1950, Pu Sanglianaa, B.A (Hons), Asst. Headmaster Government High School, Shillong was transferred and promoted as Headmaster of this School, from 1.1.1950. Names of subsequent Principals of the Schools are as follow:

Smt. Lalsangpuii B.A., B.T.   28.10.1963 – 31.8.1979

Smt. Thannguri B.A., B.T.     1.9.1979 – 7.3.1987

Shri Hrangkiauva B.A. B.Ed  8.3.1987 – 26.10.1989

Shri Lalhmuaka M.A. B.Ed.  8.3.1987 – 18.12.1991

Shri V.Ralliana M.A., B.Ed 1912.1997 –


Teaching staff in the first year (1944) was mainly Pu Vankhuma assisted by Miss G.R.Roberts and Mrs. Lloyd. More teachers were subsequently engaged. List of permanent staff as on 1948 before Provincialisation is as under.

SlNo. Name Age Date of Joining Qualification Remarks
1. J.M.Lloyd 35 Jan 1945 B.A.B.D Headmaster (Honorary)
2. Rev. Zairema 31 June 1945 B.Sc. (Hons) Part Time
3. Miss G.R. Robert 31 Jan 1945 B.Sc. (Trained) Honorary
4. Mrs J.Lloyd 25 Jan 1947 Short Hand Typist Honorary
5. Mrs. L. Adhikari 28 Jan 1947 B.A
6. Mr. Lalsanga 30 Sep 1946 I.A (B.A read up)
7. Mr. Lalhmuaka 35 March 1945 Matric (I.Sc read up)
8. Mrs. Malsawmi 30 March 1948 Matric (Trained Midwife)
9. Mr. Vankhuma 30 23.2.1944 Matric 1st Div
10. Mr. Pema 1.10.1946 Locally trained Carpenter

Shri Romawia, Nghakliana, Malsawma were then appointed in 1949. Other appointments from 1950 till date have come up to more than a hundred. Detailed list cannot be shown here as some of the records are missing.

The school had been affiliated to the University of Calcutta and it became a centre of H.S.L.C Examination from 1950 onwards. It is regretted that the result of the Matriculation Examination of this School cannot be given here as result books of some years are missing and result were published mostly in roll numbers.

All the admission registers and mark records books from 1944 onwards are kept in the office up-to-date. Anyone willing to see them may do so during office hours.

The Playground

The Playground (High School Field) was levelled out of three hillocks on the first site of the first Church in Mizoram. The preparation started from 6th May 1952. Teachers and Staff contributed 20% out of their pay for purchase of tools and equipments. The students and teachers had rendered their labour in their spare time and two or three hours on Saturdays for four long years. A donation of Rs 10/- from Pu Lianchungnunga, Contractor and Rs 140.12 annas from District Wrestling Association is recorded. An amount not less than Rs 20,000 was expended. Labour contributions were also received from villages like Zemabawk, Zokhawsang, Durtlang, Reiek, Muallungthu and Kelsih. Pu Patea of Chaltlang, a stocky built Mizo pa continued to work in the earthwork from its inception to its completion.

The Government has issued an L.S.C pass No: DPL 32 of 1993 for the playground to prevent any further encroachment extension and proper fencing is under way.